Callao/Lima, Peru - Day 2

Kelly and Sea Lions Still

Kelly with Sea Lions (Harry’s Photo Contest Prize-Winning Photo)

Day two of our stay at Callao was another spectacular one.  This time we chose an excursion called “Wildlife Lovers Paradise”, a trip which was well named.  We took a bus to a nearby marina, where we boarded an open boat that took us out to the Islas Palominos and some other coastal islands where we were able to see amazing numbers and varieties of birds, as well as plenty of very noisy sea lions.  Once again Susan had issues with seasickness, due to sitting in the front of a small boat on somewhat rough seas.  However, that did not become a problem until we were at our final stop, which was with the sea lions.  One of the options on the trip was to don a wetsuit and get into the water with the sea lions.  We did not do that this time, but it’s something we would recommend and would do if we did the excursion again.  The only person in our group who went into the water was Kelly, one of the ship’s dancers.  As you can see from the photo above, she had a lot of fun.  The photo is actually a still from the video Harry took, and this action happened in the space of one frame in the video.  Harry won second place for this photo in one of the ship’s photo contests. Yay, Harry!

The variety of birds we saw was simply amazing.  There were several kinds of Cormorants, two kinds of terns, two kinds of Boobies, including the Blue-footed Booby that we thought was only found in the Galapagos Islands, pelicans, and of course, Humboldt Penguins, thanks to cold ocean currents.  We also saw some red crabs and red starfish on the rocks.  See the photos in this album.

One of the fun things about being with the sea lions is that they were spending as much time watching us as we were watching them.

This was a trip to remember and is definitely an excursion to do again.

In the evening we chose to do another excursion called “The Magic Fountains of Lima”.  It took us on an architectural tour of the city and then to the Parque de la Reserva, where they have many beautiful fountains which are featured daily in a 20-minute laser light show.  Even though we thought we were getting to the bus early, everyone else in the group got there earlier, so we were stuck in the back of the bus.  The light show was quite spectacular, but we would have enjoyed it more had we not been tired from our earlier excursion.  Some of the fountains are showcased in this photo album.

Parque de la Reserva Entrance

We were in port for the following morning, so that the people who had done the overland trip to Machu Picchu could get back to the ship.  Departure was delayed because of some independent travelers who were late getting back to the ship, but we had an enjoyable time watching the dock activity and the process of loading supplies onto our sister ship, the Prinsendam.

© Susan L. Stone 2015