Crew Shows

One of the highlights of the world cruises is that we get to see a cultural show put on by each of the two major cultural groups that make up the crew: the Indonesians and the Filipinos.  This year we almost didn’t have a Filipino show, due to lack of participation, but after the Indonesian show, the Filipinos did manage to put a show together, which we all enjoyed.  One nice change for those shows is that they are now done in the afternoon rather than late at night, when everybody is tired.  While that time change is good for everyone, it does make it much harder to get a good seat for the shows.  Which is positive because it means that more people are showing their support for the crew.

First, a couple of highlights from the Indonesian show:

                 Indonesian welcome dance, starring Yufik, Ita and Tri (L to R) who all worked in the Lido 

                                                                     The Saman Dance 

Now a couple of highlights from the Filipino Show

This is wine steward Nestor, doing his famous song where he is dressed half as a woman, half as a man

                                                      The Filipino Bamboo dance

We wish all of the crew prosperous and happy lives, and we thank them for the many positive ways they have impacted our lives while we have shared our journeys.

© Susan L. Stone 2015