Final Thoughts

Our last couple of days were spent packing up our belongings and doing the usual end of cruise activities, including saying goodbye to our wonderful crew and friends.  We had the ship-wide farewell party, which includes disembarkation instructions.  They have done it differently this time, with the crew farewell on video, rather than having them interrupt their day twice (there’s only enough room in the theater for half the passengers at one time).  One of Susan’s special activities was the Linus Project knitting group.  They had a session to show off all the blankets and hats they had made.  The total was impressive, as always.  Susan had a final get together with a few special friends from that group in the Pinnacle Grill on the last day.

Special knitting friends, left to right: Marty, Margie, Gwen, Joanne, Susan, Patricia

The last days also brought the results of the final episode of the photo contest.  This time Susan won two prizes for her seagull photo taken at Ile de Pins, New Caledonia: the professional Award for Best Cruise Memory picture and second place in the popular vote for the same category.

                                                                Silver Gulls

This has been a wonderful cruise, with many very interesting and unusual ports.  Even though this is the fourth time we’ve done a world cruise, we have found that they just get better.  It is fun to revisit some of our favorite places, and exciting to visit all the new places.  There are always new things to see and learn.  We did sign up for the 2016 world cruise at the end of the trip, and hope you’ll join us for that adventure when it happens.

There are more photos from the end of the cruise in our photo album.

© Susan L. Stone 2015