Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Skyline from Kowloon

This is our fourth visit to this amazing city.  For our first day we had somewhat drizzly weather.  In the morning we walked over to Kowloon Park, with the intent of being able to photograph some of the wonderful birds they have there.  We were as impressed with the beauty of the park this time as we were on our prior visit.  The most special part was watching a pair of Rhinoceros Hornbills, which appeared to be having some sort of competition or disagreement with each other.

We had an excursion scheduled for the evening, which was supposed to let us view the Hong Kong light show from the top of Victoria Peak.  We rode the tram to the top, where we were enveloped in clouds and drizzle, and could see nothing.  So we got back on our bus and stopped part way down the mountain at a lookout point where we could see the buildings, but by the time we got there, the show was done for the evening.  That was disappointing, but we had seen the show on our last visit.  The last part of our tour was a ride on a street tram (double-decker bus-type tram) through part of the city.  That was quite nice, and the first time Susan had ever been on that type of bus.  Given the weather, this excursion was a disappointment.

For the second day we had planned originally to take our computers over to the Apple Store, but we ended up deciding not to do that.  Since Susan had never been on the Star Ferry before, we decided to take a ride on it over to Hong Kong (we were, as always, docked in Kowloon).  The trip is inexpensive, just $2.50HK for first class, and it’s a pleasant ride.  The boats are of a simple and very functional design.  The seat backs can flip from one side of the seat to the other, so one can always have a seat facing forward.  We decided to see if we could find the yarn shop in Hong Kong, and were actually able to do so.  This was a fun excursion; we enjoyed the challenge of getting around and finding a place we were looking for.

Hong Kong is another place where we found this time that the excursions we planned and executed on our own turned out much nicer than the one we did with the ship.  Additional photos are in the photo album.

The Star Ferry

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