Ile de Pins, New Caledonia

Ile de Pins Welcoming Committee

When we went out on the back deck of the ship this morning we were greeted by a group Silver Gulls, including these two clowns, who were quite entertaining.

The Isle of Pines is named for the Cook’s or Columnar Pine that is found all over this island group.  It looks very much like the Norfolk Island Pine that is a popular landscape tree in warmer climates, but it is actually a separate species that is endemic to these islands.  

Our excursion here was canceled, due to ‘strikes and tribal wars’, so we decided to try snorkeling in a bay that is very close to the point where the tenders docked.  It was a somewhat discouraging situation because there were a very large number of people trying to snorkel, so the bottom was constantly stirred up, making the water murky.  There was not much to see close in to shore. It would have been nice to be able to go to the spot where our planned excursion would have taken us, and even without that, it would have been nicer had the German ship that had been shadowing us except for our last three ports, not suddenly shown up, making the area all the more crowded.

Apart from the fun encounter with the gulls, this little island did not impress, although the trees and the colors of the water were beautiful.  There are more photos in this album.  

© Susan L. Stone 2015