Alotau - 096 Jamie, Face Painter

Face Painting in Alotau, Papua New Guinea, with the Artist, Jamie

This was our fourth world cruise and our third world cruise together and it was in many ways the most interesting one we’ve done.  We were in the same cabin as we’ve had on the prior cruises, so we’ve now spent more than a year in that cabin.  No wonder it feels like home!

A world cruise always goes to exotic places.  This time we had some of the most unusual ports that we’ve encountered.  For us about half the ports were repeats, and half were new to us.  The nice thing is that we have always enjoyed returning to the familiar ports.  In some of those, our activity choice is predictable.  In others, we’ve found new things to explore.  The bottom line is that for us the world cruises are still as interesting as they were the first time we did one.  The main difference is that we are familiar with procedures, and that we have more fun sharing the experiences with each other.   This year Susan’s sister and brother-in-law were also on the cruise (their first world cruise), which added to the fun.

So come join us as we travel around the world again!

First Dinner Aboard - 1

Susan Stone and Janet Brittle

First Dinner Aboard - 2

Tim Brittle and Harry Stone

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