Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia


For us, this was our third visit to Tahiti, but on the last one we were sick and never left the ship.   This visit we chose to do a tour that would take us around the island, so Harry could see that there is more to Tahiti than just Papeete, which did not impress him in 2008.  The first stop on our tour was the beautiful Faarumai waterfall.  Ever since the Panama Canal we’ve been in the same ports as the German cruiseship Amadea.  Our tour bus and theirs showed up here at the same time, which not only made the area way more crowded, but also their guide holding up her tour sign interfered with taking of some photographs.  We next went to the restaurant at the Gauguin museum, where we tried the Tahitian beer, Hinano.  It was fun to try it, but it is just an average beer. From there we drove around the island to the Vaipahi Botanical Garden, where they had all sorts of beautiful flowers, and several water gardens.  Our final stop was the Papara Surf Beach, which had black sand.  We actually found some nice shells, plus we found a long-dead small eel.  In the afternoon we decided to go shopping in town, and ended up at the local market, where they sell everything imaginable.

Once you get outside Papeete, the beauty of the island becomes evident.  It is very green, as befits a tropical south seas island, and the interior is very mountainous.  Apparently it is now possible to do a 4x4 ride through the mountains, which would be quite an adventure.  

Tahiti is an island one can visit several times without running out of new things to see.  This photo album will show you some of the other things we saw during this visit.

                                                   Frangipani (known as Plumeria in Hawaii)

© Susan L. Stone 2015