Praia, Cape Verde

Praia , Cape Verde

Praia was a new port for us.  It was one of the two ports that was added to substitute for the two African countries we were unable to visit due to the Ebola virus outbreak.   Praia is on the island of Santiago and is the capital of Cape Verde.  Susan was sick this day and stayed on board the ship all day.  Harry did an all-day excursion called “Santiago Island Discovery”, wielding both a video camera and a still camera.  It’s clear from all the excellent photos that he was up to the task.  The text for this post is all from Harry.

The tour included visits to several areas of the city, including markets, churches, plazas, and a very old fort.  Not too far form the fort is the Ribeira Grande a beach where we stopped for refreshment and a walk on the beach.  This is not what I call a beach…way too many rocks…but I did manage to find a few shells in the rocks and black sand.

We also visited a church called Notre-Dame do Rosario which was also built in the 1500's.  We then took a bus ride into the mountains for lunch at a restaurant with a killer view and strawberries growing in the front "yard".  When they say they have fresh fruit they really mean it here!  Lunch was good and the beer was excellent.  It was brewed in Cape Verde and was called Strela EGO 8 (Extra Strong Beer).  It was 8% abv.  [Susan was very sad to have missed that.]

We returned to the port via the eastern route to get a more complete idea of the island's terrain and agriculture.  There were many terraced green fields.  

On our way we stopped for a short visit to the Botanic Gardens (Grandvaux Barbosa).  I missed having Susan along to point out things as only she can.  But I took lots of pics and she was able to show me things when we looked at them together later.

We also drove by the new soccer stadium being built for the Cape Verde National Team.  The Cape Verdeans are VERY proud of their national team.  They do far better than you would expect for such a small country.  It seems that they have a far greater population of expatriates living all around the world (our guide grew up in Providence, Rhode Island).  So their total national population is much greater than can fit on these little pieces of volcanic rock.  They say that they might have made the World Cup Finals this year except for a call that "only the referee saw" and some "politics" by the international board.  Long story but they may make it some day.  More pictures in the album.

Praia, Cape Verde Sail-Away

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