Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

Buttercup, the Three-Fingered Sloth Who Started It All

This was our third visit to Puerto Limón, and because we had enjoyed it so much on our last visit, we chose to go back to the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary for our excursion.  On our first visit we fell in love with the sloths, an animal we knew virtually nothing about.  Buttercup was, and still is the star of the show.  She was the first sloth the Aviarios family rescued, and when they got her, as a baby, they had no idea how long Three-Fingered Sloths would live.  Buttercup is now 22 years old, and still doing well.

A visit to the sanctuary includes a guided tour of some of the adult animals as well as the orphanage.  This time Jeff, the son of the founders, was the one who introduced us to the animals.  In the photo he is holding Millie, a Two-Fingered Sloth, who is the sanctuary’s ambassador.  As we walked through the adult part it was feeding time and we got to watch some of the animals eat.

Since our last visit, they have expanded the nursery area, and now there are large cages for all of the babies.  The area is designed so that there is a space between them and the visitors, so the babies can be more comfortable.

Following the tour of the animal areas, we went on a canoe ride through the canals.  The canoe ride was somewhat disappointing compared to our prior visit, because we did not see much wildlife

After the canoe ride we went for a guided walk through the rain forest.  We did see a mother sloth with her baby up very high in a tree, a howler monkey, and a very large walking stick insect.

The final portion of the excursion was refreshments: a cool drink and tropical fruit, and a chance to say hello to Buttercup.  If you have an interest in wildlife and getting acquainted with some animals, we would highly recommend this excursion.

Jesus Christ Lizard seen near the Sloth nursery.

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