Roseau, Dominica

The Snorkel Beach

This port is a return visit for us.  Dominica is another beautiful, lush, mountainous volcanic island.  This time we decided to do the Champagne Snorkel trip.  The name of the excursion comes from the fact that part of the area in which we snorkeled has more or less constant bubbles rising from the sea floor thanks to some sort of "volcanic" or geothermal activity.  The bubbles were not enough to roil the water's surface but did resemble the way bubbles leave the side of a glass of champagne and rise to the top.  The water in this area was noticeably warmer as well.  The reef was far more interesting.

Getting to the area was a challenge because the ‘path’ was over a very rocky surface.  Susan ended up having trouble with her snorkel equipment and saw a few fish, but spent most of the time on shore waiting for the group to return.

After snorkeling we returned to the briefing area where we had Kubuli beer.  

Lunch on the ship was followed by a walk across the pier to shop for souvenirs.  While on the pier we looked down and saw tons of pipefish.  We have never seen them in the wild before.  Our friend Ron had alerted us to the presence of fish or we might have walked by without looking down.  Thanks again Ron!  (The glare on the water made picture taking useless so we don't have a pic to show you.)

Dominica has a lot of beauty, many things to see, and is a pleasant place to visit.  There are a few more photos from our excursion in the photo album.


© Susan L. Stone 2015