Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, SD

South Dakota is an amazing state, with much that is worth seeing.  The rolling prairies with the Missouri River are gorgeous.  

Mt. Rushmore is something you see pictures of everywhere, but no photos can truly do it justice. Its scale is literally monumental, and its setting in the Black Hills is beautiful (see photo above).

The Badlands (photo below) are amazing.  They are somewhat reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, but with different colors, and not as bright.  It is definitely a barren landscape, but it is full of fantastic shapes and colors.  

                                                     The Badlands

Crazy Horse monument is far from completion, even though it has been in process for many years.

The progress is so slow that a visit every 5-10 years is sufficient to see changes.  The monument will be gorgeous when completed.  When we were visiting, there was not much that was really recognizable, but a visit to Crazy Horse is great for gaining an understanding and appreciation of the process and amount of work that goes into creating monuments like Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore.

The sculpture shows what the finished monument will look like.  The face of Crazy Horse is easily recognizable already.  The visitor center is beautiful and very informative.

The project is the ongoing work of a family - the people working on it now are the second generation.  How great for a family to have such amazing vision!  Crazy Horse is definitely worth a visit.

We end this episode with a couple of wildlife photos - no visit to South Dakota is complete without seeing a prairie dog or two - or pronghorn antelope in a prairie dog village.

Don’t forget to check out the album for more photos.

Original post September 29, 2010

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