Canoe Carnival, Medford Lakes, New Jersey

"Yellow Submarine"

The Medford Lakes Canoe Carnival is held every year on the first weekend in August.  This year they celebrated their 80th anniversary.  There is a parade of canoe ‘floats’, mostly made of two canoes supporting a platform with all sorts of decorations, including live dancers and mechanical animated displays.  The float pictured above was called ‘Yellow Submarine’.  The submarine went up and down, the Beatles characters moved, and dolphins were coming up out of the waves.  The floats are in a competition, and Yellow Submarine won the grand prize this year.

Another cute one was “Chewing Gum On The Bed Post” pictured below.  As you can see from the photos, there were many great entries in this parade.  Unfortunately the quality of the photos isn’t great.

There was a threat of rain for the time of the parade.  Fortunately it did not materialize, but the wind did and caused steering problems for some of the larger entries.

Unfortunately, this event is open only to the residents of Lower Aetna Lake and their invited guests.  We chose to include it in our blog because it was so much fun.  If you have the opportunity to attend something like this it is worth the effort.

There are a few more photos in the album.

"Chewing Gum on the Bedpost"

Visit August 11, 2011

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