Close Memorial Park, Springfield, MO

Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park is a beautiful spot.  It includes a botanical garden, a big lake and a butterfly house plus plenty of trails for walking or biking.

The butterfly house is manned entirely by volunteers and is open for limited early evening hours on weekdays, and 10-6 on Saturday and Sunday, between May and September.  This of course coincides with the time of year that butterflies and moths would be active in the area.

The butterfly house features butterflies and moths that can be found locally, so there is nothing very exotic, but it is still fun to watch them.  They also have eggs, caterpillars, cocoons and chrysalids, plus a few uninvited insects that the volunteers make every effort to capture and remove from the butterfly house.  There are plants of the species that the caterpillars like, and signs to show the varieties of insects that might be present in the house.

While we were in the park we also took time to enjoy some of the gardens.  There are photos of our experience here.

You can find more information about the park at

This is a park that is worth visiting more extensively than we were able to.

                                                                    English Garden

Visit August 15, 2012

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