DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun, Tucson, AZ

We decided to visit Tucson again so that we could visit the DeGrazia Gallery, which is located at 6300 N. Swan.  The gallery occupies the property where Ettore (Ted) DeGrazia built a home, small gallery, and chapel in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  At the time it was an isolated location, but the city has now grown up around it.  The chapel was built of adobe bricks, according to the local tradition of building a chapel to give thanks for the land.  The walls of the chapel are covered with his paintings, and part of the roof is open to the sky.  Its simplicity makes it inviting.  The little gallery is now home to visiting artists at certain times of the year.  The home has been turned into a museum and gift shop.  The museum contains six permanent collections of DeGrazia’s art.

We visited on August 20, 2010, which coincided with Tucson’s 235th birthday.  The gallery was serving birthday cake and ice cream to all visitors who were interested.  The gift shop was well-stocked and the staff were all friendly and pleasant.  There are many items in ceramic or stained glass which are based on original DeGrazia paintings.

One of the most beautiful features of the gallery is the garden.  As with the gallery displays, there is always something unusual to look at in the garden.  The trumpet hung over a prickly pear leaf is just one example.  The fountain, with its beautiful background is another.

For those who are interested, Ted DeGrazia’s grave is located near the chapel.

DeGrazia was passionate about the area he settled in, passionate about his religion, and passionate about the native peoples of the area.  This shows very clearly in the buildings, artwork and the gardens.

Although DeGrazia died many years ago, his passion lives on and can be felt by anyone who visits the gallery and grounds.  The Gallery in the Sun is well worth a visit.  There is something there of interest for almost everyone.  Although the original paintings they have for sale are expensive for most of us, the prints are very affordable.

Further information can be found on the gallery website at  There are also a few more pictures in the album.


Original post August 22, 2010

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