Flaming Gorge and Red Canyon, UT

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is located partly in Wyoming, and partly in Utah.  It is known for its spectacular colors, and the dam which has created a reservoir that is a great location for boating.  There are two routes, State Route 530 that goes through the gorge along the Green River, and US-191 which goes outside the gorge.  We chose the latter.

There is a nice visitor center at the dam and an interesting bridge crossing the Green River just past the dam.  While we were getting gas at Dutch John, Utah, a lady working there told us that a side trip through Red Canyon was a must.

If we thought the scenery we’d seen along US 191 was gorgeous, it got even more so as we drove over to Red Canyon, in the Ashley National Forest.  There is a visitor center at Red Canyon with a great view and stuffed specimens of local wildlife.

When you look down at the river it becomes obvious how the river got its name.  The river here is also a recreational area - we saw a number of boats on the water while we were exploring.

There are a number of large crevasses one can get close to.  The edge is not a good place to get close to if you are acrophobic.  As you can see from this photo, one of us is fine with being on the edge!  In the area around the visitor center there are many helpful signs that tell you about what you are seeing.

After leaving Red Canyon we returned to US-191,  headed toward Vernal, UT.  Part of the road is at about 8500 feet elevation, so we saw groves of quaking aspens.  The drive down to Vernal is very beautiful, also very colorful.

This is a wonderful part of the country to drive through.  We are looking forward to taking the route through Flaming Gorge at some time in the future.

You can find more photos in the album.

                                                Green River at Red Canyon Visitor Center

Original post October 3, 2010

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