Grand Teton National Park, WY 

As we left Yellowstone in 2009 we headed directly into Grand Teton National Park, another one of our national treasures.  The countryside here is spectacular, with gorgeous mountains, lakes and scenic views.

After spending the night at the Flagg Ranch Resort, we drove through the park in one day, making periodic stops for the scenery.  While still on the John Rockefeller Parkway, before officially entering the park, we spotted this mule deer.  Another fun sighting was a group of Clark’s Nutcrackers pounding away at pine cones in the tops of trees, while we were exploring the Willow Flats area.  We had lunch at the Signal Mountain Lodge, overlooking Jackson Lake.

After lunch we stopped at Jenny Lake, another very beautiful spot (see photo below).

On the advice of our friend Daphne, we stopped at the Episcopal chapel, which has a beautiful view of the Grand Tetons. 

We made a stop at Menor’s Ferry, where there are some historical buildings in addition to the ferry.

Our final stop of the day was the visitor center at the south end of the park.  The building is new and modern, and also provides spectacular views of the mountains.

We ended our day in Pinedale, Wyoming, home of the Wind River Brewing Co., which we have written about in our Brewpub Adventures blog.  The sunset that evening was spectacular, as you can see from the photo.

There are some additional photos in the album for this section.

Original Post August 22, 2010

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