Mountsberg Wildlife Center, Ontario, Canada

The Mountsberg Wildlife Center is one of the six parks included in Conservation Halton Parks, in the region of Halton, Ontario, Canada.   Our primary interest here was the Raptor Center, where they rehabilitate injured raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures).

The ones that cannot be released back into the wild stay at the raptor center, where people can get a close up look at them and learn about them.  To aid in learning, there are many signs that explain the birds.  In addition, they have a show in a small outdoor theater.  The show introduced us to two special birds:  Bean, an American Kestrel and Jaz, a Barn Owl.  The bird shows we’ve seen before have always been demonstrations of what the birds can do after training.  This one gave us an in-depth look at the nature of the birds.  

We also walked around and looked at the caged birds.  Here are a couple of photos as an example:  a female snowy owl, and a red-tailed hawk.

After the show we walked around the park, and checked out the American Bison, the reservoir and the farm animals.

The Mountsberg Conservation Center is a very special place, well worth a visit if you love nature.  

One nice thing about Conservation Halton Parks is that if you pay admission to one park, that fee gets you into any or all of the other parks on the same day.  You can also purchase an annual pass to the parks.

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                                                                            American Kestrel

Visit August 6, 2012

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