Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Columbia, NC

There is a rest stop in Columbia, on US-64 which we have stopped at three times in the approximately the last three weeks.  The welcome center is right next to the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, which has an exhibit building as well as an interpretive board walk.  The last time we stopped there we decided to finally explore the boardwalk.  On the first of our recent visits we encountered two large, unfamiliar moths, one on the welcome center door, the other on the wall just above the door.  This one is a Regal or Royal Walnut moth; this one is an Imperial moth.  The encounter with these moths has made us interested to know what else we might find here.

The Pocosin Lakes NWR is located on the Scuppernong River.  The boardwalk takes you around a large loop, where there is much to see:  a great variety of plants, insects, birds and other animals.  On our walk, we saw mostly plants and insects, especially brightly colored dragonflies, but also one new butterfly.  It was quite hot while we were walking, and the mosquitoes were out, but the walk was pleasant and there was much to discover.  There were many beautiful views that included water and bald cypress with their famous knees.

This would be an interesting place to return to when the weather is cooler, especially during migration season.  It has been nice to see how much land in this area has been set aside as wildlife refuges.  There are signs on the highway warning motorists to watch out for red wolves and for bears.  We are hoping to see either or both of those animals on one of our drives through the area.

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The Board Walk

Original post July 18, 2011

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