St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

St. Jacobs is a rural village in southwest Ontario, which is home to a large population of Mennonites.  There are two main aspects of the village which are of interest to tourists:  the market, and the venues where one can find the work of local artisans.

The visitor center (shown above) is just across the street from the market.  You can find information about all the attractions in the area if you stop there.

The day we visited was intermittently rainy, but that did not stop the market from happening or the visitors from shopping.  The market has two sections, a huge outdoor area, and a two-story building.  In the building you find everything from shoes clothing, knick knacks and souvenirs to bread, butcher shops, produce and prepared food vendors.  Outside the variety is similar, but with the greatest emphasis on produce.  Many of the stands are set up in the wagons in which the produce was brought to market.  In some of the stands, behind the display tables you could see the famous buggies, sans horses.  

One thing that was confusing to us was the description of the people as Mennonite.  Research taught us that the Amish are an extremely conservative Mennonite sect.  That explains the differences in dress and vehicles.

The Village Silos was our next stop.  Old grain silos have been turned into shops  where you can see the work of local artisans, and museums related to local life.  There is a model train museum, a maple syrup museum, and a hardware store museum.  The shops sell everything from quilts and braided rugs to clothing, glassware and hot sauce.  There is actually a whole shop dedicated to hot sauce.

Because of the museums the Silos are fun to visit even if you are not in the mood to shop.

There are other places in St. Jacobs where one can find crafts, so you are not limited to the silos if you are looking for crafts.  There is a Mennonite museum if you are interested in learning about them and their culture.

St. Jacobs is a pretty village, an enjoyable place to visit.  There are more photos of both destinations in the album.

Visit August 9, 2012

© Susan L. Stone 2015