Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, ND

One of our best finds on this year’s road trip (2013) was Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It is located on I-94 in the North Dakota Badlands.  The park has three units with separate entrances.  We stopped at the first one, Painted Canyon, where they have a visitor center as well as hiking trails.  We weren’t prepared to hike when we stopped, but we would definitely like to go back and explore the park, as it is very beautiful.

Apparently the park has had plenty of rain this year because it was green, unlike the South Dakota Badlands when we visited there.  We did walk around a bit and discovered that they have interpretive signs that teach you a lot about the geological process of badlands formation.  This information helped us to recognize the same phenomenon when we encountered it in a variety of locations later on in our trip.

We hope the photos we have included here will give you a small idea of the beauty of the park.  When we visited in early August there were lots of wildflowers in bloom, too.

The National Park website can be of assistance in planning your visit:

Another website that can be of help is The Real North Dakota Project, at

Visit August 4, 2013

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