Keystone Heritage Park, El Paso, TX

Keystone Heritage Park is an archeological site which includes some wetlands and the El Paso Desert Botanical Garden.  

We visited on the occasion of their 4th annual native plant sale.   In addition to the plant sale they had walks, such as the one to the archeological site, and talks.  We attended a talk about tree care where we could ask questions of experts and gained a lot of excellent information.

The walk to the archeological site was through a desert ‘jungle’ filled with various types of mesquite trees and flowers, such as these beautiful asters.

There is not much to see out at the archeological site other than a few rocks that mark the spot of a fire pit.  But our guide had a lot to tell us about the site and what was found there.  We did encounter some devil’s claw plants and spent seed pods out there.

We spent a little time checking out the wetlands from the observation platform.  Not much wildlife there, and not much water.

The botanical garden is beautiful, truly an example of how beautiful the desert can be.  It’s a nice place to visit.

The garden may be reserved for special events such as weddings.   

Keystone Heritage Park is located at 4220 Doniphan, El Paso, TX 79922
PO Box 221527, El Paso, TX 79913 

Phone 915-584-0563

Their website is  Additional photos are in the album.

Visit on October 1, 2011

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