La Viña Spring Wine Festival, Anthony, NM

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This year’s Spring Wine Festival was held at the La Viña Winery, on April 30 thru May 1, 2011.  There was wine tasting, live music, and food and craft vendors.  Since we’re always ready to try new wines, we decided to go to the festival.  For an entry fee of $15, you get a bracelet with 9 tasting tabs and one glass tab.  If you find a wine you like, or if you want more than 9 samples,  you can buy extra tickets at a booth on the premises.  In addition to tasting and all the food and craft vendors, the winery also has a sales booth.  The hours both days were 12 - 7 PM.  They also make tickets available for $5 for people ages 5 - 20.

We went on Sunday afternoon, arriving around 12:30 PM, which turned out to be perfect timing.  We were able to park fairly close and there was no line to get in.    The winery’s parking lot was reserved for bands and vendors.  The guests were parked in a pecan orchard, where the tree rows are spaced perfectly to accommodate two rows of diagonally parked cars.  There were plenty of signs to direct you to the winery, and once parked there were signs directing you to the festival.  There were also security guards managing the traffic.  The weather was a bit breezy, but that compensated for the warm temperatures.

We tried quite a few of the wines, and they were all quite good.  We ended up being able to try more wines for just the entry price by each getting a different sample and then sharing it.  Toward the end we decided to see if it would be possible to get a double sample by using two tickets, and the answer was yes.  So for our last tabs we got two double samples of wines we really enjoyed.  The double sample worked out to be half a glass, which was a nice size.

The music was mostly jazz, and the band we heard was okay, but not great.  There were several tents with chairs where one could listen to music or just enjoy the shade.  The craft vendors included several artists, a photographer, several jewelry makers, a couple of sewing crafters, and some other miscellaneous ones.  We did not try any of the food, as we had partaken of a hearty brunch just before going to the festival.  

When we left a couple of hours after arriving, there was a huge line waiting in the hot sun to get in.  The festival is apparently quite popular, and while our time there was enjoyable, it is an event we will most likely not return to.

The La Viña Winery is located at 4201 So. Hwy. 28, La Union, NM, 88021.  They are open for tours every day except Wednesday, from Noon to 5 PM.  They also do a fall festival in October.  They have a web site at

Original post May 1, 2011

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