Phil Hardberger Park, San Antonio, TX

Phil Hardberger Park is a wild oasis in a heavily populated area of the city.  It is actually in two parts: the west one has a dog park and play ground; the east part, the one we visited, has a playground area also, as well as wonderful walking trails where one can observe nature firsthand.  We visited on two days.  The first day we drove to the park, entering the parking lot at 13203 Blanco Rd.  We walked the Water Loop and the Geology Trail, for a total of about two miles.  The paths are wide, level, and well-maintained, for easy walking.  Some parts are paved, but most are tamped down gravelly dirt.  The paths are all clearly marked, so it is easy to find your way around.  Near the entrance to the park you can pick up a map.

We learned that the east park is connected to the Salado Creek Greenway, which is another nice place to walk.   We have walked on it up to Huebner Road on multiple occasions.  However, going the opposite direction it takes you to Phil Hardberger Park.  So we opted to walk to the park, walked around the Water Loop, and then walked back to where we were staying, a total of about 4 miles.  On our second visit we did take our cameras, which turned out to be rewarding.  Not only did we get photos of scenery and flowers, we also saw and photographed deer, butterflies, and two kinds of lizards.

Phil Hardberger Park is well worth a visit, both as a place to exercise and a place to enjoy nature.  We will visit regularly when we are in San Antonio.  Don’t forget to check out the photos in the album.

Original visit, May 2, 2012

© Susan L. Stone 2015