Scenic Drive Luminarias, El Paso, TX

This evening (December 19, 2009) we decided to see one of the traditional holiday displays in El Paso, the luminarias on Scenic Drive.  Scenic Drive runs along the edge of the Franklin Mountains and offers a great view of the city and of Ciudad Juárez.  For this event, Navidad de La Fe Luminarias, Scenic Drive is turned into a one-way street.  The drive starts in central El Paso and heads southwest.  La Fe is a medical clinic, which has done this now for 18 years.  They put out more than 4,000 luminarias along the retaining walls, and drivers are asked to dim their headlights, so the luminarias will show well.  At the crest of Scenic Drive they had a live nativity (just the people, the animals were life-size cutouts), along with Santa and his elves, who were collecting canned goods and cash donations for the clinic.  La Fe Clinic provides an amazing array of services for impoverished citizens.  We were hoping to be able to find photo links for the event, but no luck - not even finding the El Paso Times photos on line.

This was an amazing experience.  First there is the beauty of Scenic Drive at night, compounded by the thousands of luminarias.  Second, all the people in the live nativity were so friendly.  The music there was a bit loud, but nothing could destroy the peaceful feeling that comes from being up there.  We felt very uplifted by the experience, especially by the joy in the people who were participating in the event.  

At the time we went there was nobody else on the road until we got to the crest, which made the drive feel even more peaceful.  It would be nice to make this a yearly tradition.

Original visit December 19, 2009

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