Town Park Boardwalk, Duck, NC

Duck’s town park is an amazing place.  Located on Currituck sound, it is very manicured at the entrance, with nice lawns and a play area and gravel parking lot.  They recently built a small amphitheater and are in the process of building a town hall on the property.  But for us, the best part of the park is the boardwalk, which has a place where you can launch a kayak or go crabbing, and now another platform for crabbing.  Since last year they have extended the boardwalk all the way to the Waterfront Shops, a nice shopping center also located on the sound.  Note: in subsequent years they have finished the town hall and they continue to extend the boardwalk.

We made a special trip to the boardwalk today for the purpose of photographing some beautiful grasses.  Along the way we had several cool surprises.  The first was a white-tailed deer, who just went about her business, paying no attention to us.  As we were watching her, we also spotted a Viceroy butterfly.

Further on we encountered another deer (photo below).  This deer is at the edge of the park’s willow swamp, as is this interesting scrub oak.

There are several bald cypress in the park, most bigger than the one pictured here.  

There are some beautiful grasses in the park - both in the sound and on land.  We were delighted not only with them, but also all the beauty we observed on our way to see them again.  This park just keeps getting better.  Kudos to the Town of Duck for a great park!

                                                               White-tailed Deer

Originally posted July 29, 2011

© Susan L. Stone 2015